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Victorinox Nespresso Blue Dharkan Teal Swiss Army Knife 2018 New in Box

Victorinox Nespresso Blue Dharkan Teal Swiss Army Knife 2018 New in Box

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Victorinox Nespresso Limited Edition 2018 Blue Teal Swiss Army Knife


Nespresso Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife Pioneer Alox Le Dharkan. Condition is "New" with box Shipped with Free USPS Ground Advantage Shipping. .In 2016 the Victorinox and Nespresso companies collaborated to design the Nespresso Series of Pioneers. The scales on these pocket knives are crafted out of recycled Nespresso aluminium coffee capsules. Each year's limited edition comes in a different colour which matches the colour of one the Nespresso capsule flavours.The Nespresso Pioneers are sold in special packaging, and each blade is laser-engraved with: LIMITED EDITION SCALES MADE OF RECYCLED NESPRESSO CAPSULES, and an image of a Nespresso coffee capsule*. Also NESPRESSO is engraved in the Alox panel on the back scale. Please note: The Arpeggio has this text 'upside down' (rotated through 180º) compared to the later editions.The models in this series do not include the keyring feature, which is usually present on a Pioneer.Models:2016 - Arpeggio - Indigo Purple - 0.8200.NES12017 - Livanto - Burnt Orange - 0.8200.NES2G2018 - Dharkan - Teal Blue - 0.8200.NES32019 - India - Light Olive Green - 0.8200.NES4* Some of the Arpeggio models have the Nespresso logo and the text '30 YEARS OF COFFEE INNOVATION' laser-engraved on the other side of the blade

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