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Retro 51

Retro 51 White Tiger Kung Fu Tornado Rollerball LE Sealed

Retro 51 White Tiger Kung Fu Tornado Rollerball LE Sealed

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LImited Edition from Airline Int'l 


The White Tiger Kung Fu rollerball pen is an Airline International exclusive made by Retro 51. Honoring the White Tiger System of Kung Fu Wushu, which has been protecting the emperors of china since the early Tang Dynasty. Not only is the White Tiger an exquisite species but is also believed to be the protector of the western gate of Heaven in Chinese mythology.

The pen features 5 White Bengal Tigers wrapped around the barrel with the red Chinese characters for White Tiger System of Kung Fu Wushu along the side of the barrel. A yin yang sits atop the pen and the Chop on the graphic tube.

This particular chop/stamp represents the red jade chop made for the current highest ranking master of the system of kung fu, Grandmaster Doo Wai. The chop is blessed by Buddhist and Taoist Monks. Each twist-top rollerball has antique silver accents with the engraved number on the top ring and it's packaged in a matching tube.

  •  Matching Graphic Tube
  •  White Bengal Tiger 360 print
  •  Antique silver accents
  •  Numbered top ring
  •  Rollerball refill - REF5P
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