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Retro 51

Retro 51 Rollerball "Goldy" The Giraffe New Sealed #'d

Retro 51 Rollerball "Goldy" The Giraffe New Sealed #'d

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Retro 51 Rollerball - 'Goldy' the Giraffe

What is long, yellow, has brown spots, and is named Goldy?…the new Retro51 Goldy the Giraffe Tornado. This pen embraces the childlike wonder of seeing these incredible creatures for the first time. Bring home a piece of your childhood, and allow for this pen to become a member of your pen family!

Fun fact: Did you know even though a Giraffe's neck is much longer than a human they both have the same number of bones. 

Retro 1951 Tornado Goldy Rollerball Pen:

  • Exclusive Goldy Giraffe design
  • Knurled Twist-Top Mechanism
  • The Goldy Rollerball takes a Schmidt P8127 rollerball refill, or alternatively you could fit an EasyFlow refill if you prefer ballpoints. (rollerball included)

Your Tornado pen comes in attractive gift packaging which doubles as a deskpen holder.

Length: 125mm
Diameter: 12mm
Weight: 28g

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