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Retro 51 Pen Set Love Birds Sealed - 0nly 200 Sets

Retro 51 Pen Set Love Birds Sealed - 0nly 200 Sets

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With double Rollerballs, a limited-run delight. Just 200 of these sets, no more in sight, Grab 'em quick, or bid them a fond goodnight. No engraved numbers here, but uniqueness takes its flight. Top discs so vibrant, gold imprint shining bright. Birds of love, in a pair's sweet, loving light. Their bond's so strong, it's a pure delight.

Courtship's a dance, where love's incite. Pecking and bonding, under love's sweet kite. For life, they're linked, like day and night. This Rollerball pair feels just right.

Gift a match, your love to ignite. To a friend, relative, partner, so tight. Celebrate bonds, with all your might. In this Love Birds set, emotions take flight.


The Love Birds set takes a Schmidt P8127 rollerball refill, or alternatively you could fit an EasyFlow refill if you prefer ballpoints.

Love Birds Matching Pair

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