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Retro 51 Pen Rollerball in 'Tis the Season Diamondcast Resin - Sealed

Retro 51 Pen Rollerball in 'Tis the Season Diamondcast Resin - Sealed

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Retro 51 Pen Rollerball in 'Tis the Season Diamondcast Resin - Sealed

It's that magical moment when you wake up to the ground glistening with frost and the town adorned with twinkling lights. Despite the shorter days, there's a noticeable lift in spirits. You can't help but exclaim, 'Tis the Season, as you savor a steaming mug of hot cocoa.

Recognizing that even Santa needs a little help, we teamed up with the talented artist Tim McKenzie for a special winter edition in 2023. Goldspot Pens, in collaboration with Tim, meticulously crafted a shimmering diamondcast acrylic resin that captures the enchanting warmth of the holiday season. Subsequently, we collaborated with the skilled artisans at Retro 51 to fashion Tim's resplendent burgundy and gold resin into the sleek profile of the retractable Tornado rollerball pen.

To accentuate the resin's radiant gold highlights, Retro adorned this pen with polished brass appointments, a clip, and a knurled twist-top. As a finishing touch, an exquisite illustration of holly graces the top disc. Anyone who writes with this pen is bound to find their heart growing three sizes larger in an instant, just like the famous "Scrooge."

The Retro 51 Tornado 'Tis the Season Rollerball is an exclusive Goldspot Pens edition, limited to just 364 numbered pens worldwide. The number 364 is a nod to the total number of gifts mentioned in the classic song "12 Days of Christmas," and you can find this edition number elegantly engraved on the top ring.

Specifications for the Retro 51 Tornado "'Tis the Season" Rollerball Pen:

  • Year of Edition: 2023, a Limited Edition of 364 pieces globally, each individually numbered on the top ring. An exclusive from Goldspot Pens.
  • Pen Material: The barrel is expertly crafted from a deep burgundy and gold Tim McKenzie Diamondcast resin, shimmering with conflict-free diamond dust.
  • Trim: Polished brass accents, including the clip and knurled twist-top.
  • Adorned with a charming holly illustration on the top disc.
  • Standard Tornado Rollerball Pen Size, with a length of 5.11 inches (129.5mm).
  • Smooth-writing REF5P black ink rollerball refill is pre-installed. Additionally, it can accept Parker-style Easy-Flow 9000 ballpoint refills (sold separately).
  • Arrives in a matching commemorative tube for safekeeping and presentation.
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