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Retro 51

Retro 51 Pen Limited Ed "Giddy Up" Rollerball Pen -Sealed

Retro 51 Pen Limited Ed "Giddy Up" Rollerball Pen -Sealed

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Whether you make it down to Texas or not, Dromgoole's Pens and Marty Henderson have rustled up a new Tornado Exclusive. Giddy Up has a western theme printed on the barrel of your favorite rollerball pen and pencil. The rollerball is topped with a pearlescent dome top like your pearl snap button western shirts.

Inspired by the wild west of days yonder, it's filled with bronco busters, cowhands, livestock and the open range. Whether you love a good western book, movie or dream of country life,  these writing instruments may inspire that wild hair for adventure. Put on your boots and scoot down to the show or click the link below to grab the rollerball and pencil set or the rollerball sold separately. Don't forget a matching Rickshaw 2-pen or single sleeve, or should we say holster? Giddy up, there ain't but 100 sets and 300 rollerballs available in this limited-edition release. Pen Only

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