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Retro 51 White Tiger Rollerball Pen, Low Number 26

Retro 51 White Tiger Rollerball Pen, Low Number 26

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This is a new sealed White Tiger Pen.  Your # will be under 30.  When you make your purchase, if I have more than one left, I will let you know what #s I have and you can choose.

This number series has a glow-in-the-dark barrel printed with 5 White Bengal Tigers. The White Bengal Tiger is neither a subspecies nor is it an albino from of a 'normal tiger' but rather it possesses a specific gene that gives it a lighter appearance. 

This variation in its genetic makeup is truly exquisite and is what gives the White Tiger an undeniable sense of mystery and beauty. Their blue eyes, rose-pink noses, and light brown/grey stripes make these tigers stand out from their rustic-colored peers. Each twist-top rollerball has silver accents with an engraved number on the top ring and it's packaged in a matching tube.

  •  Matching Graphic Tube
  •  White Bengal Tiger 360 print
  •  Antique silver accents
  •  Numbered top ring
  •  Rollerball refill - REF5P
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