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Retro 51

Retro 51 Nikola Tesla Collectible Rollerball Pen, Copper

Retro 51 Nikola Tesla Collectible Rollerball Pen, Copper

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Futurist, inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer, Nikola Tesla was a genius well ahead of his time. This Tornado's design was inspired by Tesla's spiral coil used in his wireless power experiments. Concentric circles are acid-etched into the barrel then plated in copper and finished with platinum appointments giving it a radiant and magnetic aesthetic. A timeless beauty, this high-quality fine writing instrument will be cherished for many years to come. The trademarked knurled twist-top accommodates an easy extension and retraction of the smooth flowing rollerball tip. Provides an exceptional writing experience. The fine hand-feel of the pen leaves you never wanting to put it down. Pen comes with a rollerball refill. What better gift to give for birthdays, graduations, Father's or Mother's day, or even a gift to yourself! Packaged in a protective fun graphic box that doubles as a pen stand when not in use. Retro 1951's mission is "Life's too short to carry and ugly pen". Always on the lookout for the latest trend or newest thing in the market, Retro 51 merges the fashionable colors and designs of today with the vintage and quality standards of the good ol days. Every Retro piece is designed with that nostalgic, early American dream, and it could be best said that they make em like they used to!

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