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Retro 51

Retro 51 London SKYLINE Rollerball LE New in Sealed Tube - #'d

Retro 51 London SKYLINE Rollerball LE New in Sealed Tube - #'d

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Only 650 pens made!

This pen features some key London landmarks- Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, the Shard, the London Underground (complete with peopleand a little dog!) and a bunch more.

It also features some distinctly London details- the naming of the boat Victoria, the red phone-booth and the blue police box/Tardis and has 6 Union Jack flags scattered around the pen. (Well I found six, let me know if you can find more!)

So now we come to my personal favorite part of every Retro 51s design- the top cap. The top caps just feel like they complete the pen. Some top caps are just plain colors, but others are specifically themed around the pen. And boy oh boy, is this one themed.

It features a PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI. IN. A. CROWN. Seriously? That is the most ADORABLE thing ever! This top cap really ties the pen together, as Queen Elizabeth II has had corgis for her whole life. And honestly, she has DEFINITELY put a crown on one of them before.

The hardware is a lovely chrome, which goes well with the coloring.

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