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Retro 51

Retro 51 Limited Edition Tornado Argo Kiwi

Retro 51 Limited Edition Tornado Argo Kiwi

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Retro 51 Rball ARGO KIWI 

This is a listing for a new sealed pen from the Argo Pen Series.  This Pen Series which is made up of four pens, each a unique color, of which only 250 pens were produced of each color and there will never be any more produced, is now sold out and is no longer available from R51 Retailers.  This listing is consisits of the a pen from the first edition of the ARGO Pen Series the beautiful ARGO KIWI Only 250 made!  NOTE:  For reasons I explain at the end of this description the photos that I have attached to this listing include images of all four pens that make up the complete ARGO Series. This is a lisitng for a single ARGO KIWI PEN.

Now you ask - "What is an ARGO?"

I am so glad that you asked!

The Argo was a Greek ship that carried Jason and the Argonauts in a quest for the Golden Fleece. This Pen Chalet exclusive Tornado has a futuristic twist on this mythological story. Pen Chalet’s Argo is now your vessel to pilot into the future. Where will your quest lead?

This special collaboration between Pen Chalet and Retro 51 comes in two different color variations. The Kiwi and Orange Classic lacquer barrels have been overprinted with dark metallic silvers to reveal striations of metallic colors reflecting the light and complete with matte varnish. They are complete with matte black nickel trim with engraved number on the top ring. They are limited to 250 pens per color and are packaged in a commemorative tube.

Please take a moment to review the accompanying note regarding the images included in this listing. As all my pens are brand new and sealed, I consistently incorporate any stock photos provided by R51 and/or the exclusive dealer at the time of the pen launch. Even in cases where the pen is "New But Open," I adhere to this practice due to the tremors associated with the symptoms of "People with Parkinson's Disease" (PWPD). When selling a "Used" pen, I always acknowledge it and strive to capture images of the actual pen being sold. Despite my diligent efforts, the quality of these photos may not be optimal.

In the case of the ARGO pens I am offering, I've encountered a unique situation. There are limited suitable ARGO photos available in the "wild," and they often feature more than one type of ARGO.

Therefore, I would like to provide a caveat and express my appreciation. The caveat is that, despite presenting images of various ARGOS alongside the one listed in the title of my listing, please refer to the title to ensure clarity on which single ARGO pen or matching number ARGO pens you are purchasing. As for acknowledgment, I must extend immense gratitude to Mark Rasbach, who took the time and effort to share his ARGO pictures on November 5, 2018. Utilizing the "Wayback Machine" and search engines, I was able to access his valuable contribution. Mark has provided an invaluable service to me personally and to the R51 Community at large. His exceptional photos skillfully portray the quality and beauty of the ARGO series. His keen eye for staging and photographic expertise enables us all to appreciate the true colors of the ARGOs, especially when he presents matching sets side by side. THANK YOU, MARK!

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