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Recife Soyouz Pen Orange Rollerball Pen

Recife Soyouz Pen Orange Rollerball Pen

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RECIFE brings Pen Chic to the market while capturing the imagination of word lovers everywhere with the joyful imagery of its writing instruments. RECIFE reinvents the pen and makes it emerge as the new platform to express design and personality. The pen becomes a travel memory essential for the flamboyant urban and world explorers. From a simple writing tool to the last realm of accessories to be conquered, the pen is for RECIFE the new creative Eldorado.  

Pearl is a pearly collection that is a hymn to a new look. Its silky texture, whose surprising colours reproduce those of natural mother-of-pearl, invites the touch. The handcrafted manufacturing process makes each pen unique.

Pearl, a collection which writes an ode to a whole new allure. Its silky texture and vivid colors reproduce the effects of natural mother-of-pearl. This collection is irresistible to the touch and to the eye.

Pearl Soyouz :

Size : 12 cm


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