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Recife Paris

Recife Riviera Pen Orange Lipstick Ballpoint Pen

Recife Riviera Pen Orange Lipstick Ballpoint Pen

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 The Lipstick was born in 1989 and is inspired by the Streamline design school incarnated by Raymond Loewy in the 1940's. The word "streamlined" first appeared in print around 1900 but many early industrial stylists were happy to adopt the word streamlining because it express modernism. The large chromed ring of the Lipstick showing circular lines is a Streamline signature, as a result of arbitrarily borrowing forms derived from aerodynamic design. 

The Riviera collection, made of recyclable natural material, embodies the new type of writing desired by RECIFE. It is the symbol of our attachment to contemporary creation.

Dimensions : 4.26 in
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