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Rare and Awesome Orange McLaren F1 Racing Pen -

Rare and Awesome Orange McLaren F1 Racing Pen -

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I beleive that this is a special pen given only to a few special people.  I have two of them and I have searched High and Low, I have reached out to some of the large pen retailers, I have also asked McLaren. Everyone agrees that it is a unique pen, but I have yet to find anyone that can tell me anything about this fine writing instrument.  I have received some guesses at what it MAY be worth, but who knows? I think it is so cool and if you or someone you know loves F1 and goes to the races and hangs out in the tents, this pen would be quite the eye candy to bring out so others can lust after it.

It also comes in a very elaborate packaging system.  I have arranged the photos in the order of the layers between the white sleeve and the orange pen.

I believe this pen is lathed from a single bolt of aluminum.


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