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Populele U1 23 Inch 4 String Smart Ukulele Barely Used

Populele U1 23 Inch 4 String Smart Ukulele Barely Used

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I almost called this NEW, as it has never been handled by anyone but me, one time.  But, as I no longer have the box I feel it is best to call it used.  But, barely used is a good designation. 

Note that I have included a couple of extra items not found in other listings for the same make and model Ukulele.  This very cool package deal includes the standard items of the instrument, the carrying bag, a set of extra strings, data/charging cable, and a few picks.  My listing also includes a capo, some add'l picks, two very cool straps, and a bracket which allows you to hang the instrument from the wall.

I have never been musically inclined, and I do not lack in confidence.  About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  I bought this ukulele and later the guitar with the goal of stretching my brain and my often uncooperative hands and fingers with the intent of improving my dexterity.  After one self administered session and later using a guitar under the supervision of a expert player I have concluded that my lack of any musical aptitude, including basic or natural rhythm. along with what seems to be  the impossibility of getting my left hand in the contorted positions required to play the chords, despite my typical confidence and ability to conquer most challenges, I have concluded that the UKE and the GUITAR are not viable options for me to master at the young age of 67 with Parkinson's Disease.  So, I am selling the UKE on this listing and the Smart Guitar on the next one.  PS: I think I can tackle the smart piano.  We shall see. 
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