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Disney Red Fun Run Shoe Christmas Ornament

Disney Red Fun Run Shoe Christmas Ornament

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This item was purchased new directly from Disney.  Upon arrival it was inspected and then placed into our fully enclosed display cabinet where it has remained all of these years, admired , but never touched.  We have come to a point in our lives that it is time to divest of many things.  As I have Parkinson's Disease we anticipate the day will come when we will not be able to stay in our large two story house.  It will be better for me to be in a smaller one story house.  This will require us to get rid of a bunch of cool stuff.  This is why I established "JAX House of Pens and Other Cool Stuff".  But me on your watch list.  I have a ton of cool stuff and I want to get rid of it in an orderly manner not some crazy attempt to dump it all a week before we move.

All of this to tell you we lost the boxes.  All of our ornaments will arrive safe and well packed, but not in their original packaging.



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