We Survived Hurricane Beryl Sale to Help Local Orgs Serving Houstonians

We have ridden out over two dozen hurricanes. Each one presents its own challenge. Beryl was no different. My neighborhood looks like a bomb went off with hundreds of trees down many on top of or inside of a home. I can still hear generators running in the distance. My 87 year old Mother in Law and 91 year old Dad had to be evacuated from their homes due to lack of power. They bussed the residents out of town to where there was power for AC. We chose to bring them into our home. We also had a nephew and his family of 5 staying with us. Normally we would have just operated one AC, but with this housefull of elderly and kids we had to run all three ACs the upstairs, downstairs, and the JaxPens office above the garage. We ran everything off of my portable generator which was stretched to the max. I felt like Gary Sinese in the Apollo 13 movie trying to fire up the LEM without tripping the system and causing it to shutdown. To make it happen we had to go without our water well. That means buckets of pool water brought in to flush toilets. Old people and kids use the bathroom ALOT! We survived and quickly recovered due to our own resources and the fact that we live in a neighborhood full of helpful neighbors who own big trucks, big chains, big saws, and big hearts. We survived, but there are many people around us who do not have the resources nor do they live in a community with an abundance of resources.

The number is shrinking, but there are still families without power. There are reputable groups who used more than they have to help those in need, and they need help replenishing their reserves or paying what they owe. There are other orgs that are stepping up to help those that lost everything.


We pledge that 40% of the net proceeds (sales less Shopify fees) from this sales that starts now and runs thru SUN MIDNIGHT will be donated to 1-5 carefully vetted groups, churches, etc. with 100% of what they collect committed to go directly to help families in need. We are not helping to pay for admin, etc.

The formula above means we lose money on every sale. Please help me lose a lot.

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