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Visconti Rollerball Pen Homo Sapiens Blue Lagoon

Visconti Rollerball Pen Homo Sapiens Blue Lagoon

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Visconti Rollerball Pen Homo Sapiens  Blue Lagoon - New in Box


The inspiration behind the Blue Lagoon pen draws from the mesmerizing patterns and hues of the ocean. Its transparent body showcases captivating swirls of white, dark blue, light blue, and turquoise, mirroring the diverse colors of the sea and the reflections of the sky above. This demonstrator body creates the illusion of crystal-clear water, adding to its allure. All its trims are meticulously crafted from 925 sterling silver, adding a touch of elegance.

The Blue Lagoon is undeniably a remarkable pen, presented in an exquisitely designed limited edition turquoise box. It is available in both fountain pen and rollerball variants, with the collection restricted to just 888 pieces.

Specifications for the Visconti Homo Sapiens Oversized Rollerball Pen in Blue Lagoon:

  • Body: Transparent with white, dark blue, light blue, and turquoise swirls
  • Trim: 925 sterling silver
  • Edition: Limited to 888 pieces
  • Pen Type: Rollerball
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