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Retro 51

Retro 51 1.15mm Legal Pad Mechanical Pencil

Retro 51 1.15mm Legal Pad Mechanical Pencil

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This New Pencil is in it's Original Opened Retro 51 Tube. (VRP-1710).

The popular Retro 51 Tornado is one of those pencils you just can't put down once you start using it. It could be the way the Tornado balances perfectly in your hand and writes with a smooth, clean line. This pencil features a printed graphic on the barrel. The Tornado Pencil uses a thick and sturdy 1.15mm pencil lead with an oversized eraser.


  • Printed legal pad graphic
  • Twist top knurled cap
  • Oversized eraser
  • 1.15mm pencil lead
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