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Retro 51

RETRO 51 Rollerball Pens - Black w/ Gold Trim NEW OPEN Sold only in Japan

RETRO 51 Rollerball Pens - Black w/ Gold Trim NEW OPEN Sold only in Japan

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This pen was made for and only sold in the Japan Market. I have searched online and also asked a friend that lives in Japan to find add'l pens.  I believe that the pen is no longer available for sale in Japan or anywhere else.  I bought this pen several years ago online.  It took me over six months to get it to me as it got hung up entering the US, and was returned.  The store where I purchased it from had a staff that were not strong English speakers, and I speak no Japanese. We finally figured out that we were better able to communicate in writing. After many weeks, and the Japanese store promised me that they never received my original shipment that the US sent back, why?  I do not know, they were kind enough to ship a new order to me.  I think they did so because they were very kind and extremely embarrassed, and even though the Retros, ACME, and other unique pens I found added up to over 1000 US Dollars, they realized that I was not going to stop pestering them every two weeks as I had entered a reminder on my Outlook.  That is a lot of words to say, if you do find a source, let me know, but also be careful and be patient!

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