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Retro 51

Retro 51 PenJax Chaplin - only 50 will ever be made - Rollerball Pen

Retro 51 PenJax Chaplin - only 50 will ever be made - Rollerball Pen

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Retro 51 PenJax Chaplin - only 50 will ever be made - Rollerball Pen

My PenJax has served me well for over 40 years. Earlier versions went by other namesBridgeMan, LanMan, WifiMan, and now PenJax with an updated, more modern look. He has always been a logo depicting strength as he raises his hands triumphantly over his head, and with his new clean, straight lines, he communicates our desire to serve our clients in ways that make it a simple and straightforward pleasure to do business with JaxPens.

PenJax is currently available in Four "Flavors"

PenJax Stealth  - Black Pen with white markings - 

PenJax Chaplin - White Glow in the Dark Pen with black markings - This Listing

PenJack Blue - Blue Pen with Orange Markings

PenJax Stainless - Stainless Pen with Blue Markings

Stealth and Chaplin were the first pens released - very few are left

Blue and Stainless had a private release a month ago and are now GA.

Pens Talk!  What Does Yours Say About You?  

Let PenJax speak for you or someone else that fits his image@!

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