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Retro 51 Pen - Pencil Set - Gilded Rings - Sealed and #'d w/ Rickshaw Sleeve

Retro 51 Pen - Pencil Set - Gilded Rings - Sealed and #'d w/ Rickshaw Sleeve

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This is a new Tornado Rollerball and Mechanical Pencil Set, Gilded Rings! The striped design alternates between a rich blue and a bright gold. This regal pen and pencil will bring pop and prestige in those serious moments. This limited edition set of 300 pieces are engraved with the LE number and packaged in a matching tube. Also included is the companion Rickshaw 2-pen sleeve to keep the writing instruments in pristine shape when they are not in use. This Tornado set is sleek and sophisticated. Embrace the beauty of life with your own Gilded Rings set today!


As Retro 51 puts it, 'Life is too short to carry an ugly pen'. And we agree. Their bright colours and cool designs have more than a hint of nostalgia about them, and all their pens are made with good old-fashioned values in mind. 

The Tornado is a retractable rollerball which features a lacquer-coated brass barrel. There is a knurled twist-action button at the end, to extend the tip, and a slotted metal pocket clip. 

The Retro 51 Tornado pencil is a twist-action mechanical pencil with a trademarked knurled top which contains a large, replaceable eraser. The pencil lead is front loaded, and the amount of lead showing is adjusted by the knurled cap.

The perfect accessory for our Retro 51 Gilded Rings gift sets, this fabric pen sleeve is made by the wonderful people over at Rickshaw Bags in San Francisco. It features the same striped pattern in gold and blue only 45 of these were made.

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