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Retro 51 No Borrow Rickshaw Rollerball Pen

Retro 51 No Borrow Rickshaw Rollerball Pen

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Pen + Sleeve + Sticker Sheet Bundle

Our popular “No Borrow” pen sleeve debuted pre-COVID, prompted by one of the top pet peeves of pen collectors — work colleagues borrowing our precious pens without asking permission. The pandemic heightened the cringe factor of pen sharing, and as we now contemplate our post-vaccination return to office life, we decided it would be fun to create a matching Retro51 rollerball pen.

Our No Borrow Pen is NOT numbered or limited per se — if we sell out of the first batch of 500, we will consider making more.

Here's what you get with your No Borrow Pen purchase (pen + sleeve + stickers):

  • Yellow/Black NoBorrow Pen
  • Black ink cartridge (REF5P, installed)
  • Matching plush pen sleeve
  • Matching pen tube
  • “No Borrow Ninja” sticker sheet
  • “No Borrow Ninja” poster card

To accompany the pen launch, we have created a “No Borrow” Coozy Collection, including our new Lanyard Sleeve so you can keep your “No Borrow” pen close at hand.

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