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Retro 51

Retro 51 ECHO Pencil New Sealed #082

Retro 51 ECHO Pencil New Sealed #082

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Freckles Stationery is back with a new Tornado Exclusive... Echo. Their latest design was created by Freckles owner Carla. She said “my biggest inspiration is color. I sometimes dabble in other types of design, but I’m drawn to mixing colors with patterns. This design was actually created from a specific repetitious shape, zoomed in and stretched out, to create the fun visual echoey wave.”

Each color is outlined in metallic silver to further accentuate the bold stripes that form the top of a heart. Love is literally reverberating throughout this Tornado pencil. Each writing instrument is printed over glow-in-the-dark barrels, finished with polished chrome accents, LE engraved number on top ring, and loaded in a bright yellow packaging tube with matching label. This is a limited edition of 100 pencils. Pick one as a gift or for yourself and watch the love flow! 

Details & Specifications:


• Wave pattern in multi-color
• Glow-in-the-dark effect
• Polished chrome trim
• Knurl Twist-Top
- 1.15 mm lead (HB) with huge black eraser
- Packaged in a matching tube
- Includes Extra Lead and Erasers
- Pencil Length: 5.125 in. / 130 mm
- Pencil Diameter: 0.45 in. / 11 mm
- Pencil Weight: 1.2 oz. / 34 g

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