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Omas 360 Hi-Tech Mezzo Rollerball Pen in Mandrian aka Vibrant Orange - No Box

Omas 360 Hi-Tech Mezzo Rollerball Pen in Mandrian aka Vibrant Orange - No Box

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Note- This pen has spent its entire life in my private display cabinet. Unfortunatly, while preparing to list it I realized that I no longer have its packaging. However, the pen is new and unused, never carried, etc.


This Orange Omas 360 Rollerball Pen, is the true embodiment of elegance and functionality. This exquisite writing instrument features a captivating orange resin body that exudes vibrancy and sophistication. The rich Hi-Tech silver trim, meticulously designed in a unique triangular pattern, adds a touch of modern luxury to the pen's overall aesthetic.

Crafted for both style and comfort, the Omas 360 Rollerball Pen ensures a smooth and effortless writing experience. The ergonomic design provides a perfect grip, while the thoughtfully designed nib angle enhances precision and control. The rollerball technology ensures a fluid, consistent ink flow, making each stroke a pleasure.

Whether you're a pen enthusiast or seeking a distinguished writing tool, the Orange Omas 360 Rollerball Pen stands out as a statement piece. Its pristine condition and attention-grabbing design make it a delightful addition to any collection or a thoughtful gift for someone with an appreciation for fine writing instruments. Elevate your writing experience with this exceptional rollerball pen that seamlessly combines style and functionality.

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