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ACME Studio

ACME Ray Gun Desk Pen by Ben Hall

ACME Ray Gun Desk Pen by Ben Hall

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ACME Studio "Ray Gun" Desk Pen by UK Artist BEN HALL.

New in the original box.  However, I am missing the foam insert shown in pictures.

"Ray Gun" Desk Pen, a design by Ben Hall, comes from ACME Studio's line of designer desk pens. Each desk pen is made to be a unique one of a kind design. This desk pen represents a comical "Ray Gun". It features a special "Gun Sight" shaped clip and a twist to open/close mechanism. This pen can clip to your pocket or can sit on your desk. The pen is made of silver plated brass with a hand applied acrylic lacquer. The base of the pen is a hand applied lacquered acrylic. ACME is placed on the top of the pen while the designers signature and ACME logo is placed on the base. It is presented in a black ACME box that has an illustration of the pen.

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